Lakewood Ranch Telecom is a leader in supplying full service telecommunications solutions across Southwest Florida. We understand how critical your communications network is to your business operations and respond accordingly. Certified technicians are available to provide the services you need, when you need them.



Structured cabling for voice and data networks
Custom Design & Engineering
Expert Installation & User Training
System Relocation
System Upgrade and Enhancement
Emergency Repair Response
Remote Programming and Support
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Applications
Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Multi-media solutions
Voice Mail and Unified Messaging Applications
Marketing message and Music on Hold systems

Surveillance & Access Control

Lakewood Ranch Telecom is the reliable, proven security partner for the commercial sector in Southwest Florida.
Whether your company has unique surveillance and access control requirements or is looking to integrate technology upgrades and analytics into an existing security system, we work with clients to save you time and money, deter criminal activity, and boost the operational productivity of your business.

From safeguarding life and property to improving sales floor traffic flow and limiting access to restricted areas, modern surveillance systems meet the ever-changing needs of businesses. We offer solutions that tick all the requirements of any type of building or facility, even those that operate in harsh environments or in areas where network access and power are in short supply.

Here are a few sectors where Surveillance Secure is experienced in meeting the needs of the commercial market:

Commercial Buildings
Property Management Firms
Warehouse/Industrial Facilities
Medical Facilities/Hospitals
Parking Garages

What features do we offer that your business needs?

Video Surveillance
CCTV, or IP Megapixel camera systems can help any business to deter theft before it happens, to catch someone in the act, or to find out what happened after the fact. Whether you need one camera and a monitor to show customers they’re being recorded, or if you’re looking for infrared pan, tilt, zoom cameras to view and monitor a parking garage, we can help make it simple, cost efficient and above all, effective.

We also understand that as a business owner, or manager, you can’t always have someone sitting at a desk to monitor your cameras and watch what’s going on. That’s why with every camera installation, we also include free Remote View setup. That way, you can view cameras on your smart phone, tablet, or any other web enabled device.

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Remote View
Remote View is a great feature that is included in all of the camera systems that we sell. This feature allows users to view their camera system from anywhere using a smart phone, tablet, or any web-enabled device. This is ideal for business owners and managers on the go, who often have to work off site, or from home. You can easily pull up your camera system on your phone, and see for yourself what’s going on, and how to respond.

If you already have a camera system, we’d be glad to help you set up Remote View. Contact Us Today to schedule an appointment with one of our knowledgeable technicians.

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